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Today, we will explore an essential component in all sizes of compressed air systems, and that is the compressed air hose.

In essence, this type of compressed air equipment, or more precisely, compressed air accessory, is a length of pipe used to distribute compressed air from the supply source to the devices that require compressed air.

Introduction to Compressed Air Hose

The compressed air hose is an indispensable accessory for any compressed air system. It is specially designed to withstand high pressure while maintaining a certain level of flexibility and, in many cases, elasticity (ability to expand and contract).
These hoses are used to convey compressed air from the supply source to the components or devices that utilize compressed air.

To meet practical working conditions, compressed air hoses are available in various diameters, including 4 x 6mm, 5 x 8mm, 6.5 x 10mm, and more. The hoses are typically supplied in coils, with common design lengths of 100m and 200m.

In addition to the diversity in types and sizes, these products are made from various materials, including PU (polyurethane), Nylon, PVC, etc. The common designs include coiled hoses and straight tubes. The applications of this accessory are also diverse, as it is not only used for regular compressed air but also for other fluids such as water, gas, nitrogen, and more.

Compressed Air Hose Image
Compressed Air Hose Image

Technical Specifications of Compressed Air Hose

As you may know, compressed air hoses are available in not just one, but various different types. The differences are manifested in terms of the materials used, sizes, and shapes of the products.
To select the right product for your usage needs, customers need to refer to the technical specifications of the product. These specifications are usually printed on the body of the air hose.

To make your shopping experience easier, we have compiled the basic specifications of the equipment as follows:

  • Inner diameter: 4mm, 5mm, 6.5mm, etc.
  • Outer diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.
  • Working pressure: 10 bar, 16 bar, 40 bar, etc.
  • Working temperature range: -30℃ to 80℃ (depending on the type)
  • Material options: PVC, PU (polyurethane), synthetic rubber, etc.

Origin of Compressed Air Hose Products

Currently, compressed air hoses are used in all applications of compressed air systems, as well as in certain types of machinery and equipment. Despite the high demand for this type of compressed air equipment, there is currently no official manufacturing unit for it.
To promptly meet the demand for compressed air hoses and support the operation of various types of machinery, many distribution units in Vietnam have imported this product line from multiple manufacturers in different countries:

  • First and foremost, China: Compressed air hose products used in Vietnam are abundant due to their superior advantages in terms of price and a wide range of available options. Typically, these products do not carry any specific brand but are simply produced and provided with the necessary technical specifications for usage.
  • South Korea: South Korean air hoses are also widely used, with prices suitable for the general economic level of customers, along with their highly regarded quality.
  • Japan: Japanese products have long received high evaluations from Vietnamese users, and the same goes for air hoses.
  • Germany: Germany has always been regarded as a leading country in terms of quality and products worldwide, particularly in mechanical-related products. Their air hoses are manufactured on modern production lines, meeting all European standards, with the ability to withstand pressure, temperature, and good elasticity, ensuring durability during long-term operation.
Origin of Compressed Air Hose Products
Origin of Compressed Air Hose Products

Characteristics of Compressed Air Hose

The practical working conditions for compressed air hoses involve their usage to convey compressed air from the pressure reservoir or main compressed air supply line to the devices or components that utilize compressed air.
To meet the requirements of these practical working conditions, compressed air hoses are designed with the following characteristics:

  • Shape: Air hoses are designed in a cylindrical tube shape, which is a common shape for various types of tubes. The circular form without sharp edges helps distribute forces evenly across the surface of the tube.
  • Flexibility: Although their function is to transmit and distribute compressed air throughout the system, compared to fixed air pipes, air hoses have more elasticity and flexibility. They can be bent in different directions, making the process of supplying air to devices much more convenient with continuous movement.
  • Pressure Resistance: As you may know, compressed air systems use compressed air generated by compressing air from the environment to increase its density and pressure. Depending on the scale and capacity of the system, the generated compressed air typically ranges from 8 bar to hundreds of bar. As an essential component of compressed air systems, air hoses must withstand equivalent pressure requirements.
Characteristics of Compressed Air Hose
Characteristics of Compressed Air Hose

What Materials Are Compressed Air Hoses Made Of?

The differences in the properties of different materials are well known, and in the process of application and development, there are increasing demands for compressed air systems to work under more severe conditions. These conditions may include high pressure, high temperature, and high working intensity.
This poses challenges for older product lines, but it also serves as a driving force for manufacturers and researchers to discover new materials for manufacturing these products.

Up to the present time, there are various materials used in the production of compressed air hoses, among which the following are commonly used:

  • PU (Polyurethane) Plastic: A synthetic plastic produced by a reaction between polyol and isocyanate. Polyol is a compound containing multiple hydroxyl groups (-OH), and isocyanate is a compound containing an -N=C=O group. When these two substances are mixed together, the hydroxyl groups react with the isocyanate groups to form a polymer network. PU plastic has high durability, good hardness and elasticity, resistance to impact and heat. It also has the ability to withstand the effects of chemicals and water, making it widely used in various applications, including compressed air hoses.
  • PE (Polyethylene) Plastic: A synthetic plastic with high flexibility and elasticity, produced by polymerizing ethylene. It is the most widely used plastic in the world and finds applications in various fields. The properties of PE plastic include flexibility, high strength, good impact resistance, chemical resistance, and good mechanical properties. It can be produced in different forms, including various viscosity grades of PE, PE foam, and PE blended with other plastic particles to enhance properties and durability.
  • Synthetic Rubber: Synthetic rubber is a synthetic material produced from organic compounds such as butadiene, styrene, isoprene, and other additives. Synthetic rubber has properties similar to natural rubber but can be adjusted to possess specific characteristics depending on the application. Synthetic rubber exhibits good elasticity and resilience, withstands temperature, light, chemicals, and mechanical impact.
Materials for Compressed Air Hoses
Materials for Compressed Air Hoses

Common Types of Compressed Air Hoses

Standard Compressed Air Hoses

Standard compressed air hoses are widely used in industries and various applications. They are long and straight sections of air pipes supplied in the form of coils, typically around 100 or 200mm in length. The common colors of these hoses are blue, orange, or transparent. During usage, they can be cut into different lengths to fit specific positions.
Quick-connect pneumatic fittings are commonly used to connect the hoses to components or devices.

Standard Compressed Air Hoses
Standard Compressed Air Hoses

Coiled Compressed Air Hoses

The use of coiled compressed air hoses provides exceptional flexibility during usage. They can be easily extended and will retract when the equipment is not in use. These coiled air hoses are commonly used for handheld pneumatic tools such as pneumatic drills, paint sprayers, pneumatic grinders, etc.

Coiled Compressed Air Hoses
Coiled Compressed Air Hoses

Compact Compressed Air Hoses

These can be considered as an improvement over conventional air hoses. Essentially, they are standard hoses designed with an additional storage compartment (made of plastic or steel). Inside the compartment, there is a winding mechanism used to retract or release the hose, similar to the operation of a measuring tape.
During usage, users can freely adjust the length of the air hose to suit their needs.

Compact Compressed Air Hoses
Compact Compressed Air Hoses

Compressed Air Hoses Available at VIVA

We are a large supplier specializing in various equipment for industrial systems. Recognizing the important role of compressed air hoses and the demand from customers for this product, VIVA has imported a large quantity of products directly from manufacturing units.
We provide a range of air hoses with inner diameters starting from 2.5mm and above. The length and material can be chosen by customers based on their specific usage requirements.

Due to certain limitations, in this article, we can only provide the most basic information about compressed air hose equipment. If readers are interested in this equipment and require further information, please contact us directly for more detailed information.

Thank you!

Compressed Air Hoses
Compressed Air Hoses

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