DN300 Butterfly valve

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Overview of DN300 Butterfly Valve

The DN300 butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve belonging to the group of products with large dimensions. This indicates that the control mechanisms used for DN300 butterfly valves are generally lever or electric and pneumatic control systems.

Whether a product is large or small, they all serve the same purpose, which is to regulate or shut off the flow in a pipeline where the butterfly valve is installed.

These valves are manufactured in countries such as China, South Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan, with each country producing products of different quality and appearance. For example, Korean butterfly valves are typically higher quality compared to Malaysian ones, and Malaysian valves are higher quality compared to Chinese valves.

Introduction to DN300 Butterfly Valve
Introduction to DN300 Butterfly Valve

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Original price was: 400.000 ₫.Current price is: 350.000 ₫.

Why DN300 Butterfly Valves do not use lever control

In the general introduction to DN300 butterfly valves, I mentioned that this product line only uses automatic control systems and hand-operated control systems. So why is the lever-operated mechanism not used, considering that lever operation is quite common in current butterfly valve models?

To answer this question, you need to remember one thing: for larger-sized products, the disc’s mass increases, resulting in a significant force required to operate the valve in open or closed positions. This creates difficulties in the opening and closing process, especially when dealing with high flow rates.

On the other hand, with hand-operated control systems, the opening and closing rely on the force exerted by humans. However, the design of internal gears in the gearbox reduces the force required by the operator.

Meanwhile, with electric and pneumatic control systems, we only need to select the appropriate control models corresponding to the size of the butterfly valve for them to be usable.

Why choose DN300 Butterfly Valve
Why choose DN300 Butterfly Valve

Two popular types of DN300 butterfly valves

Currently, there are only two widely used types of DN300 butterfly valve products: the wafer-type butterfly valve and the flanged butterfly valve. Each product has its strengths suitable for different installation cases.

DN300 Flanged Butterfly Valve

For example, in the case of the DN300 flanged butterfly valve, the first requirement for using this product is that the installation position must have a flange connection.

Furthermore, when selecting the flange to be welded onto the pipeline, you also need to ensure that the standards of the two flange types on the pipeline and the butterfly valve match.

Flanged butterfly valves usually have thicker and larger bodies, so

ensuring sufficient clearance is a mandatory condition.

Butterfly valve DN300 with flange connection
Butterfly valve DN300 with flange connection

Clamp-type butterfly valve DN300

We have mentioned clamp-type butterfly valves, also known as Wafer design, which customers are familiar with as products that have a relatively thin design in the body part.

That’s why clamp-type butterfly valves are generally lighter and more affordable than flanged butterfly valve products.

With this clamp-type design, there is a significant advantage that users can choose flanges of any standard as long as they are the correct size.

Clamp-type butterfly valve DN300
Clamp-type butterfly valve DN300

Contact for quotation of DN300 butterfly valve in Hanoi

Our company always highlights butterfly valves as prominent products, so we always have plans to import standard sizes of butterfly valves to serve domestic projects.

For DN300-sized products, they may not be used as frequently as smaller-sized products, but we always have an assortment of products at different price levels.

We provide nationwide shipping support.

Available products are guaranteed to be in stock.

Complete certificates of origin and quality.

Clear policies for returns and warranties, with a 12-month warranty for all company products.

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