DN400 butterfly valve

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Introduction to DN400 Butterfly Valve

The DN400 butterfly valve is among the large-sized butterfly valves available today. It is widely used in various systems such as hydroelectric dams and water supply systems with high flow rates of hundreds of cubic meters of water per hour.

With large-sized products like this, there are usually no limitations in terms of manufacturing materials. If customers prefer a cast iron butterfly valve with a Teflon gasket, our company can fulfill that requirement. For more premium options, products with full stainless steel bodies or stainless steel disc valves are also available.

You can operate the butterfly valve in various ways, either manually with a handwheel or using electric and pneumatic control systems from third-party brands in the market. To learn more about these pneumatic control systems, please continue reading the presentation below.

Introduction to DN400 Butterfly Valve
Introduction to DN400 Butterfly Valve

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Structure of DN400 Butterfly Valve

The structure of the DN400 butterfly valve is not significantly different from smaller-sized butterfly valve models. To create a complete and functional product, the following main components are necessary.

Valve body: The valve body comes in two different designs, either flanged or wafer-style. These are the two most commonly used designs for butterfly valves.

Valve disc: The valve disc component, on the other hand, has only one design, which is a circular shape. The material used for the disc can be either cast iron or stainless steel, depending on the customer’s needs.

Sealing gasket: The sealing gasket can be divided into two types: rubber gaskets and Teflon gaskets, serving different working conditions.

Valve shaft: It is simply a stainless steel metal rod used to connect the valve disc to the control system.

Control system: For large-sized products like this, the control system can be either manual with a handwheel, electric, or pneumatic.

Structure of DN400 Butterfly Valve
Structure of DN400 Butterfly Valve

Advantages of DN400 Butterfly Valve

It is designed specifically for large-sized pipeline systems.

The product can withstand high-pressure systems.

It can accommodate various working conditions.

DN400 butterfly valve can be connected to different types of control systems.

It is a bidirectional flow product, also known as an industrial two-way valve.

The majority of the products are imported from factories in China, making them cost-effective.

Advantages of DN400 Butterfly Valve
Advantages of DN400 Butterfly Valve

Contact for DN400 Butterfly Valve Quotation at Viva

Viva specializes in providing high-quality butterfly valves imported from reputable brands with extensive experience in the industrial valve manufacturing field.

When you come to our company, you will receive great support regarding pricing and nationwide shipping fees.

We offer a clear return policy and a 12-month warranty for DN400 butterfly valves and other product lines.

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