Electric control PVC plastic ball valve

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Introduction to Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve

Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve is a type of ball valve that is operated through an electric drive unit, and its body is made of PVC plastic. This device functions to control the flow of liquid or gas by adjusting the angular position of the ball valve component.
The body of the valve is made of PVC plastic, and it is commonly used in chemical systems or clean water systems that operate at low temperatures.

An electric motor is used to drive the valve body and provides options for operating current such as AC 220V, AC 24V, DC 24V, with torque options of 30 Nm, 50 Nm, 100 Nm, 160 Nm, etc.

As the diameter of the valve body increases, a higher torque drive unit must be used.

Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve Image
Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve Image

Understanding Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve

As mentioned earlier, Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve refers to ball valves that are controlled through an electric drive unit, and these devices have a valve body made of PVC plastic.

What is the electric drive unit of a ball valve?

The electric drive unit used for ball valves is an electrical device used to generate the appropriate torque to control the rotation angle of the ball valve component. This torque is generated by an electric motor, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in the form of rotational motion. This motion is then transmitted, and the torque is amplified through a gearbox to ensure sufficient torque to rotate the ball valve.
Based on the operating mechanism and function of ball valves in general, electric drive units are typically designed to generate rotational motion in the range of 0° to 90°.

What is a ball valve?

A ball valve is a device used to control the flow of liquid or gas within piping systems. It consists of a valve body that connects to the ends of the pipelines. Inside the valve body, there is a ball (made of plastic or metal) with a hollow hole drilled through its center, allowing the fluid to pass through. By changing the rotation angle of the ball valve component, the flow rate can be controlled, allowing the flow to be fully opened or shut off.

What is PVC plastic?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic is a synthetic plastic derived from vinyl chloride polymer. It is one of the most commonly used plastics and finds wide applications in various fields. PVC plastic is versatile, durable, flexible, and easy to process, making it a popular material in industries and everyday applications.
PVC plastic has several characteristics and benefits, including:

  • Durability: PVC plastic has high strength, withstands impact and bending without deformation.
  • Chemical resistance: PVC plastic is resistant to various chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and most common organic solvents.
  • Weather resistance: PVC plastic is resistant to UV radiation and weathering, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Easy processing: PVC plastic can be easily processed using methods such as coloring, molding, bending, cutting, welding, and adhesion.

Due to its flexibility and versatility, PVC plastic is widely used in the construction industry, consumer applications, automotive industry, electronics, toys, and more.
For the device mentioned in this article, PVC plastic is used to manufacture the valve body, as well as the ball valve components, which constitute a significant portion of the material composition of the ball valve device.

Technical Specifications of Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve

The product line of Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve is supplied in various types and sizes, and this diversity is reflected in features such as installation method, valve body design, and type of drive unit.
The basic technical specifications of Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve include:

  • Valve body diameter: DN15 to DN150
  • Valve body material: PVC plastic
  • Connection options: Flange, threaded, socket
  • Working pressure limit: PN10
  • Working fluid: Liquid and gas
  • Operating temperature range: From -5℃ to 60℃
  • Valve body design: 2-way valve and 3-way valve
  • Operating mode: Flow control mode or on/off mode
  • Operating voltage: AC 220V, AC 24V, DC 24V, etc.
  • Output signal for operational status indication: DC 4-20 mA
  • Rotation angle: From 0° to 90° (with a tolerance of 0.5%)
  • Origin: Taiwan, China, Japan, Poland, etc.
  • Warranty period: 12 months (excluding user-caused faults).

Product Features

Electrically controlled PVC ball valves, operated by an electric actuator, offer several important features and benefits, including:

  • Remote control: The electric actuator allows remote control of the ball valve. This is convenient in applications where the valve needs to be controlled from a distant location or in areas that are difficult to access for users.
  • Integration with automation systems: The electric actuator can be integrated into an automation system, allowing for synchronization and automation of valve operations. This can be achieved through communication interfaces combined with various types of sensors, enabling the construction of highly automated systems.
  • Longevity and durability: PVC ball valves, when combined with electric actuators, typically have a high lifespan and resistance to corrosion, influenced by the PVC’s corrosion-resistant properties. This helps increase the longevity and durability of the system, reducing maintenance and replacement requirements.
  • Flexibility and versatility: Electric actuators can be used with various sizes and types of PVC ball valves, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and diverse requirements.
  • Time options: The execution time for the opening or closing process can vary, typically ranging from 15 seconds, 20 seconds, to 30 seconds, depending on the type of electric actuator.
Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve Used in a System
Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve Used in a System

Some Limitations of Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve

Although electric control PVC plastic ball valves have many advantages, there are also some limitations to consider:

  • Temperature and pressure limitations: PVC plastic material has temperature and pressure limits compared to metallic materials. Generally, it can withstand relatively low temperatures and pressures. Therefore, in applications that require high-temperature or high-pressure conditions, electric control PVC plastic ball valves may not be suitable.
  • Limited durability under pressure and abrasion: PVC plastic has relatively low durability compared to metal, especially when subjected to heavy loads and high pressure. Therefore, in some applications that require high durability and long lifespan, electric control PVC plastic ball valves may not meet these requirements.
  • Size limitations: Electric control PVC plastic ball valves typically have size limitations compared to metal ball valves. While metal ball valves can have body diameters up to DN300 and larger, PVC ball valves are limited to DN150. This can be a limitation in applications that require large or small ball valves.

Despite these limitations, electric control PVC plastic ball valves are still widely used in many applications due to their flexibility, low cost, and ability to withstand certain corrosive substances. However, when selecting and using PVC ball valves, it is important to carefully consider the technical factors and the working environment to ensure the effectiveness and durability of the system.

Pipes Using Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve
Pipes Using Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve

Classification of Electric Control PVC Plastic Ball Valve

Electrically Controlled Open-Close PVC Plastic Ball Valve

This device uses an electric drive system designed to operate in two fixed angular positions: 0° corresponds to the closed state, and 90° corresponds to the open state. When using the device, it provides users with the function of fully opening or closing.
With a range of sizes from DN15 to DN150, the valve can be directly installed on pipes with inner diameters ranging from 21mm to 168mm without the need for connecting fittings. It has the function of changing the diameter (cone-shaped).

With the ability to control the valve in an open-close mode, the electric drive system is commonly referred to as an ON/OFF drive system. It is supplied with voltage options including AC 220V, AC 24V, and DC 24V.

Electrically Controlled Linear Operation PVC Plastic Ball Valve

The term “linear operation” is commonly used in Vietnam to distinguish it from ON/OFF operation.
For linear operation PVC plastic ball valves, in addition to the fully open and fully closed modes, they also have the function of regulating flow rate of the fluid. This means that the drive system can control the ball valve to rotate at various positions. For example, when the ball valve rotates at a 45° angle, it corresponds to 50% of the flow rate that can pass through the valve body.

Due to having more functions, electrically controlled linear operation PVC plastic ball valves have a more complex structure, leading to higher prices. In terms of size options, working voltage, and appearance, the ON/OFF type and linear operation type will be similar.

Purchase Policy

Currently, we offer a wide range of electrically controlled PVC plastic ball valve products, imported from China, Taiwan, Japan, and some European countries.
Our products meet high-quality standards, guaranteeing 100% genuine products. They come with a warranty and technical support for up to 1 year.

Our main headquarters is located in Hanoi. If you have the opportunity, we warmly welcome you to visit us for more specific discussions about the products. If it’s not feasible, we have a dedicated customer care team to assist and answer any questions for customers who are far away.

When choosing to purchase electrically controlled PVC plastic ball valve products at VIVA, we offer several attractive policies, including:

  • 1-to-1 exchange warranty for up to 1 year in case of manufacturer defects.
  • Technical consultation support throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment.
  • Nationwide delivery support with quick and complete documentation procedures.

Thank you to all our readers for taking the time to learn about our products! For any related inquiries, please leave a comment or contact us directly for the earliest support.

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