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Original price was: 400.000 ₫.Current price is: 350.000 ₫.

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Overview of Malaysian Butterfly Valves

Malaysian butterfly valves are a type of butterfly valve that are directly imported and manufactured in Malaysia. They stand out with their clip and flange design. These valves are used to open, close, or regulate the flow of fluids within pipeline systems.

On the market, Malaysian butterfly valves are considered mid-range products with significantly better quality compared to those imported from China.

In recent years, the products from Malaysia at our company have always been recognized as outstanding items, with a high volume of orders for various projects across the country. With reasonable prices and guaranteed quality, Malaysian butterfly valves lead the segment in the market.

Introduction to Malaysian butterfly valves
Introduction to Malaysian butterfly valves

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Original price was: 400.000 ₫.Current price is: 350.000 ₫.
Original price was: 400.000 ₫.Current price is: 350.000 ₫.

Viva Provides a Full Range of Malaysian Butterfly Valve Brands

Viva is a company headquartered in Hanoi specializing in supplying water industry materials and some products for steam systems. In recent years, the water industry in our country has experienced strong growth, with many factories and plants emerging, leading to an increasing demand for domestic products.

To best meet this demand, diversifying the range of products at our company is necessary. Regardless of the country of origin, we can fulfill your needs. As evidence, our company has imported various brands of Malaysian butterfly valves, including:

  • Malaysian-made AUT butterfly valves
  • Malaysian-made ARV butterfly valves
  • Malaysian-made MEIJI butterfly valves
  • Malaysian-made ATZ butterfly valves
  • Malaysian-made OHO butterfly valves

The above are the five brands that our company currently supplies. If you are unsure about choosing the right product, please contact us at +34 977 531 318 for assistance and advice on selecting the most suitable product for your needs.

Malaysian Butterfly Valves in Various Sizes for Users

The size of butterfly valves is a crucial factor that not only determines their usability but also influences customers’ preference for Malaysian butterfly valves over other types.

In general, the imported Malaysian butterfly valves have a minimum size of dn50 and a maximum size of dn500, regardless of the brand.

Additionally, some brands produce valves with sizes up to dn1000, which are typically used in large-scale projects. However, the usage of these larger sizes is not as common as the smaller sizes.

Especially, butterfly valves ranging from dn50 to dn300 are widely used in both small and large systems.

Below is a catalog of AUT brand butterfly valves for your reference to gain a better understanding of the product specifications.

Kích thước van bướm Malaysia
Butterfly Valve Sizes in Malaysia

Some Types of Butterfly Valve Designs in Malaysia

Regarding the design of butterfly valves in Malaysia, it greatly affects the type of connection. Currently, there are only two main types of connections for butterfly valves in general: flanged or wafer types.

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve in Malaysia

A wafer type butterfly valve is designed with the valve body cast with lugs on top. The purpose of these lugs on the body is that after attaching the flange, the bolts pass through the lugs and are tightened, making the valve more stable on the pipeline.

When you are considering wafer type butterfly valves like this, besides products operated by lever, you can also choose products operated by handwheel, pneumatic control, or electric control.

Van bướm Malaysia dạng kẹp
Wafer Type Butterfly Valve in Malaysia

Flanged Type Butterfly Valve in Malaysia

An extremely important aspect when considering products that use flanges is ensuring that the flange standards used are compatible with each other.

Due to the standard dimensions, it also greatly affects the bolt hole center distance. Therefore, if you choose the wrong standard, it means that the center distances will differ, and the product cannot be installed.

Van bướm Malaysia dạng mặt bích
Flanged Type Butterfly Valve in Malaysia

Lug Type Butterfly Valve in Malaysia

A lug type product, also known as a lug butterfly valve, has multiple lugs around the valve body. However, the valve body is designed in a wafer type because this type of product is only used in large-sized pipes from DN300 and above.

Van bướm dạng Lug Malaysia
Lug Type Butterfly Valve in Malaysia

Some Tips for Customers When Choosing Butterfly Valves in Malaysia

From the information mentioned above, you can see that butterfly valves in Malaysia have various products, including different brands and external designs.

Therefore, when researching and choosing products to avoid unnecessary mistakes, it is essential to have some tips in the selection

process to prevent the wrong selection of products that do not meet actual usage requirements.

Identify the work pressure clearly before proceeding with the product selection, as choosing the wrong product under that pressure can result in leakage.

In addition to the pressure, there is also the working temperature. For products with bodies made of cast iron, the working temperature should not exceed 120 degrees Celsius.

Choose a butterfly valve that is balanced with the financial resources you have. Not every high-value product is suitable for your needs.

Useful tips for choosing and using butterfly valves in Malaysia
Useful tips for choosing and using butterfly valves in Malaysia

Malaysia butterfly valve products at Viva with CO CQ

These products are imported from abroad, so the related documents are extremely important. They not only prove the origin and quality of the product but also inform customers about the supplier and specific importation time.

For small-scale customers in livestock farming households, this may not be too important. However, having products with complete CO CQ documentation is a big advantage for bidding projects, whether private or state-owned. Most investors require clear information about the origin and quality of the installed products.

Therefore, when you purchase products from our company, you will be provided with CO CQ documentation.

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