Pneumatic valve base

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The Pneumatic valve base is a device commonly used in industrial compressed air systems, especially in large and complex systems.

In this article, we will together explore the information related to this product.

Introduction to Pneumatic valve base

The Pneumatic valve base is a type of accessory used in compressed air systems. Its function is to fix and connect the compressed air directional valves together to form a valve cluster. This helps save space, expand system control capabilities, and reduce the number of accessories and devices used in systems with equivalent functions.
Most Pneumatic valve bases are made of solid aluminum, while some devices that require higher performance in harsh working conditions are made of stainless steel.

To suit various working conditions, manufacturers design different types of Pneumatic valve bases with distinct structural features. The compressed air pathways are designed correspondingly to the supply and exhaust ports of the compressed air directional valves.

Besides the structural differences, there are also variations in the working temperature range, pressure, and compressed air flow rate among different types of Pneumatic valve bases.

Image of Pneumatic valve base
Image of Pneumatic valve base

Structural Features of Pneumatic valve base

The Pneumatic valve base has a relatively simple structure, which is machined from a solid block of material or cast to form an initial shape. The materials commonly used for manufacturing this equipment are aluminum or stainless steel (mostly aluminum).
Inside the manifold base, there are three main air pathways that pass through the two ends of the device. These air pathways correspond to one supply air line and two exhaust air lines of the valve.

Alternatively, there can be two compressed air pathways corresponding to one supply air line and one exhaust air line.

For each air pathway, both ends are threaded, with options for different types of threads, including PT, G, and NPT.

A complete set of Pneumatic valve base is usually supplied with two essential accessories: bolts and base gaskets.

The bolts are made of carbon steel and undergo surface protection through a metal plating method. The task of the bolts is to connect and secure the valve to the manifold base.

The base gaskets are made of rubber and have a rectangular thin leaf shape. They are drilled with holes positioned and sized corresponding to the manifold base. These details form a cushioning area between the manifold base and the compressed air directional valve. Combined with the tightening force of the bolts, this ensures firmness and prevents compressed air from escaping to the outside.

Structure of Pneumatic valve base
Structure of Pneumatic valve base

Benefits of Using Pneumatic valve base

In the previous section, I introduced the functions and benefits that this device brings. If you are wondering why such a simple structure can provide so many advantages, let’s analyze the related factors together.
The Pneumatic valve base can simultaneously connect multiple compressed air directional valves, forming a cluster that performs distinct functions for each component. Therefore, when a certain part of the system encounters a problem, we can easily identify the cause and determine the appropriate solution.

By connecting multiple devices closely together, we can eliminate or reduce the number of accessories such as compressed air mufflers, quick-connect fittings, air hoses, etc. (Instead of installing them individually for each directional valve, with the manifold base, a set of accessories can be used for multiple devices).

The structure of the system is simplified significantly when using the manifold base in suitable positions, as it helps eliminate the need for additional air hoses used for device connections. Additionally, installing the devices as a cluster also minimizes compressed air pressure drop.

Using Pneumatic valve base
Using Pneumatic valve base

Common Types of Pneumatic valve bases

As a device designed for attaching compressed air directional valves, these devices are designed to be compatible with different types of valves. Based on this criterion, we have the following common types of manifold bases.

3/2 Pneumatic valve base

The 3/2 Pneumatic valve bases are designed to connect with 3-port 2-position compressed air directional valves. Therefore, on the manifold base, there are two air passages designed, including one for air supply and the other for air exhaust. The number of valves that can be connected in a cluster depends on the length of the manifold base.

3/2 Pneumatic valve base
3/2 Pneumatic valve base

5/2 and 5/3 Pneumatic valve bases

For 5-port 2-position and 5-port 3-position compressed air directional valves, they will use the same type of manifold base.
This type of Pneumatic valve base is designed with 3 air passages, including 1 supply passage and 2 exhaust passages. Most of the air passages on this manifold base are labeled as follows:

  • P – Air passage to supply compressed air to the valve.
  • EB – Exhaust passage to release air outside, returning through Port B of the valve.
  • EA – Exhaust passage to release air outside, returning through Port A of the valve.
5/2 Pneumatic valve base
5/2 Pneumatic valve base

Product Consultation

The compressed air valve base products are supplied in various types, diverse in size and technical specifications. These devices are directly imported by us from reputable manufacturers such as Airtac, STNC, Festo, CKD…
We guarantee that our products are 100% genuine and are distributed at the best prices in the market. To assist customers in choosing the appropriate products, we have a team of technical experts ready to support and advise on any issues related to the products and systems. Additionally, we have our warranty policy that ensures we provide the best equipment within the given price range to our valued customers.

Compressed Air Valve Base Product
Compressed Air Valve Base Product


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