Unid UW 50 solenoid valve


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Overview of Unid UW 50 solenoid valve

The Unid UW 50 solenoid valve is the largest size solenoid valve of the current Unid solenoid valve. The dimensions of the product are only suitable for installation with pipes of size 60mm in diameter. Hence, besides the name Unid UW 50 solenoid valve, the product also has another name, which is the Unid solenoid valve with a diameter of 60mm.

The designation “UW” is used for products intended for water systems with a relatively low temperature. In case you need to use the product for high temperatures, you should switch to using the US models, which have sizes ranging from 15 to 50, for example: US15, US20, US25, US32, US40, US50. This avoids the situation of mistakenly purchasing a product that is not suitable for the working environment, resulting in both wasting money and not achieving the best work efficiency.

Introduction to UW 50 Unid solenoid valve
Introduction to Unid UW 50 solenoid valve

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Unid UW 50 solenoid valve with Normally Closed Design

When it comes to solenoid valve products, you may be familiar with terms such as normally closed or normally open, which are used to refer to products with different designs. One type is always in the closed state when there is no electrical power, while the other type is always in the open state when there is no electrical power.

Returning to today’s product, the UW 50 solenoid valve is mostly designed as normally closed, with very few products available as normally open. If you need to purchase a large quantity, it may require some time to place an order. On the other hand, normally closed products are always available in stock in large quantities, ensuring they can meet all current customer usage needs.

To use the normally closed solenoid valve effectively, the closing time of the flow in the pipeline must always be longer than the opening time. This prolongs the product’s lifespan.

UW 50 Unid solenoid valve with normally closed design
Unid UW 50 solenoid valve with normally closed design

Unid UW 50 solenoid valve is versatile in voltage usage

It is an electrically controlled valve that operates devices using voltage, which makes the voltage used in the product extremely important.

The Unid UW 50 solenoid valve is divided into two products based on the voltage specifications: one product uses 220V voltage, while the other uses 24V voltage. These two voltage sources are also applied in many different industrial electric control valve lines.

With 220V voltage, it is likely familiar to everyone because we all use it in our daily lives. However, it can also be dangerous if we don’t know how to use and protect the power source from human contact.

On the other hand, with 24V voltage, it is safer, so products using this voltage range tend to have relatively higher prices.

Voltage on UW 50 Unid electromagnetic valve
Voltage on Unid UW 50 solenoid valve

Why should customers prioritize choosing the Unid UW 50 solenoid valve?

Currently, there are many different brands offering DN50 solenoid valve products in the market worldwide. So, what are the reasons for users to choose the Unid UW 50 solenoid valve instead of other product lines on the market?

The first thing to mention is the cost-effectiveness, which helps save investment costs.

The product is easy to use and install.

It is readily available for purchase through various authorized distributors nationwide.

There are comprehensive after-sales warranty policies.

It comes with CO CQ documentation.

Why customers should choose UW 50 electromagnetic valve
Why customers should choose UW 50 solenoid valve

Viva specializes in supplying Unid UW 50 solenoid valves

Realizing the benefits that the Unid UW 50 solenoid valve brings to consumers, Viva Industrial Equipment and Technical Joint Stock Company has been importing various sizes of solenoid valve from the Unid brand.

The products are always well-stocked in the company’s warehouse with large quantities. They are carefully packaged to prevent distortion during transportation, and deliveries are made on the same day as the customer places the order. Contact us at 0349 775 318 to receive multiple advantages from the company.

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