21X3KT190 solenoid valve


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Overview of 21X3KT190 solenoid valve

21X3KT190 solenoid valve is a product in the same segment as Solenoid Valve 21X2KT120. However, the distinguishing feature of the 211X3KT190 model is its larger size, designed for use with pipes of diameter 27mm, while the 21X2KT120 model is suitable for pipes of diameter 21mm.

Belonging to the group of products made from 316 stainless steel, it provides the Solenoid Valve with the flexibility to operate in various working conditions. Furthermore, its working specifications are much higher compared to the models ODE Solenoid Valves that are made from copper.

The 21X3KT190 solenoid valve is used for opening and closing the main flow, and it is designed with normally closed and normally open configurations. It is not suitable for flow control applications. However, for the product to operate most stably, it requires a pressure differential and a minimum pressure of 0.5 kg.

Introduction to Solenoid Valve 21X3KT190
Introduction to 21X3KT190 solenoid valve

Construction of 21X3KT190 solenoid valve

Regarding the construction of 21X3KT190 solenoid valve, it is relatively simple. To create a complete product, it only requires two main components as follows:

Valve body: This is where the flow passes through the solenoid valve. The body is made of 316 stainless steel, and both ends are threaded for connection to pipes.

Valve diaphragm: It is an internal component located inside the valve body. The diaphragm is made of Teflon, a material known for its high heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Valve stem: Above the valve diaphragm, there is the valve stem. For the solenoid valve, the valve stem is simply a metal rod. One end is attached to the diaphragm, and the other end is connected to the coil assembly.

Coil assembly: It is the component that receives electrical energy from an external source to generate a magnetic field, which helps the solenoid valve operate smoothly.

Structure of Electromagnetic Valve 21X3KT190
Structure of 21X3KT190 solenoid valve

21X3KT190 solenoid valve for Chemicals and Water

As I shared before, the body of this valve is made of stainless steel 316, which is one of the best corrosion-resistant materials available today. That’s why the 21X3KT190 solenoid valve is always preferred and used for chemical systems, and you can also use the product for water systems.

However, using the 21X3KT190 model for water systems is always excessive in terms of durability and does not fully utilize the advantages of stainless steel 316 material.

Typically, for current water systems, people only use products made of copper or plastic. For clean water at low working temperatures, you can use a plastic solenoid valve, while for water at high temperatures, you should use products made of copper.

Applications of Electromagnetic Valve 21X3KT190
Applications of 21X3KT190 solenoid valve

Contact for purchasing 21X3KT190 solenoid valve

Viva specializes in providing various solenoid valves from the ODE brand. In addition to the 21X3KT190 solenoid valve, our company also offers many other different models, from large to small sizes.

By choosing our company, you not only get high-quality and genuine products but also receive free nationwide shipping support before and after your purchase.

Our technical team has years of experience in the field to answer any questions you may have about the product. Furthermore, our technical staff is responsible for assisting with warranty claims for faulty products. If you have any inquiries about the product, please contact us at 0349 775 318.

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