Electric control hydraulic valve

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Introduction to Electric control hydraulic valve

Electric control hydraulic valve is a device used to adjust the pressure in a system and control the flow direction of hydraulic fluid through targeted electromagnetic fields. In addition to being called electric control hydraulic valve, the product is also known as “Electric Control Hydraulic” in English.

As a product present in both simple and complex modern hydraulic systems, installing and using this product provides users with many conveniences during operation.

Through this, we can see the importance of the product in system operation. Therefore, to choose the best electric control hydraulic valve, in addition to finding a reputable supplier, you need to have some basic knowledge about the product. Please continue reading to learn more and gain an overview of the product you are interested in.

Introduction to Electric control hydraulic valve
Introduction to Electric control hydraulic valve

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Features of electric control hydraulic valve

In addition to using electrical power for operation, electric control hydraulic valve also has its own outstanding features, such as:

– Can operate in systems with pressures ranging from medium to high: 50 to 500 bar.

– Made of stainless steel material, which is not only durable over time but also helps the product withstand minimal damage during operation.

– Although it uses electrical energy during operation, the device does not cause fire or explosions in case of accidents, ensuring safety for users, especially those directly involved in operation.

– The valve can regulate flow according to pre-set values.

– The closing process does not produce noise.

– Designed to be compact and suitable for installation in current oil pipelines.

Features of Electric control hydraulic valve
Features of Electric control hydraulic valve

Hydraulic valves controlled by full electric CO CQ

The hydraulic valves controlled by electric power are imported by our company from two countries, namely Japan and the United States, with two major brands: Parker and Yuken.

These are two of the well-known brands specialized in researching and manufacturing hydraulic devices, serving various industries collectively known as the industrial sector.

As products from renowned brands, all the related documentation matters such as CO CQ are provided by our company along with the products for our valued customers.

The CO CQ will be printed from the original document and stamped with the company’s red seal. If customers require notarization, the company will take the documents for notarization on behalf of the customers. At our company, all your needs and difficulties will be promptly addressed.

Hydraulic Valves Controlled by Electric Power with CO CQ
Hydraulic Valves Controlled by Electric Power with CO CQ

Discount Policy when purchasing at Viva

In addition to the support policies for purchasing mentioned above, our company also offers high discounts for orders with high value, especially for long-term partnership with commercial entities.

The regular discount rate ranges from 20% to 25%, and in some special cases, it can be even higher.
For units within the city limits, our company will deliver the orders directly, and every effort will be made to resolve the orders on the same day. For orders placed after 5:30 PM, the company seeks permission to deliver the goods early in the morning.

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