Hydraulic manifold

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Introduction to hydraulic manifold

The hydraulic manifold is one of the essential accessories in hydraulic systems today. Its main function is to help the electric pump control the flow of oil inside the system effectively. Furthermore, the hydraulic manifold allows the electric pump to connect with multiple other devices simultaneously.
Currently, there are various types of hydraulic manifolds available, depending on the design and usage requirements, to choose the most suitable product. Users currently have four options for the mentioned product: 2-port, 3-port, 4-port, 5-port, and 6-port hydraulic manifolds.

Made from materials such as cast iron and alloys, the product possesses sufficient durability to be used in high-pressure systems and withstand external environmental impacts.

Introduction to hydraulic manifold
Introduction to hydraulic manifold

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Advantages of hydraulic manifold

When it comes to the advantages of hydraulic manifold, we have the following key points:
Depending on the design, the hydraulic manifold can connect to different devices. For example, a 2-port design can connect to two devices, a 3-port design can connect to three devices, and so on.

The external appearance of the product is simple and resembles a box-shaped piece of metal.

It can be installed in various positions within the same system.

It has good corrosion resistance.

The installation process is easy, partly thanks to the type of connection used in the product.

As with most accessories, it comes at an affordable price compared to hydraulic pumps and cylinders.

It rarely experiences minor damages during usage, and maintenance is not required frequently.

It is produced in large quantities and supplied by many domestic companies, making it easy to purchase.

Advantages of hydraulic manifold
Advantages of hydraulic manifold

Types of connections in hydraulic manifold

As mentioned in the advantages section, this product is known for its quick installation and construction, partly due to the type of connection used.
To achieve this, there is no other way but to use threaded connections, which can be considered the simplest form of connection for industrial devices from the past until now. Not only that, this type of connection allows for the most minimalistic design of the product. On the other hand, flange connections require additional materials and appear much more cumbersome. Another advantage of threaded connections is that they do not require excessive labor to perform.

There is a small note for customers when using products with threaded connections to ensure the tightness is always in the best condition. During the installation process, we need to use thread seal tape, an indispensable device for threaded connections, similar to how flange connections use rubber gaskets.

Types of connections in hydraulic manifold
Types of connections in hydraulic manifold

Practical applications of hydraulic manifold

As a product that accompanies main devices, the application environment is highly diverse. You can find this product in the following working environments:
Installation on equipment in cement factories and some other construction materials.

Application in wood processing plants.

Application on equipment in industrial machinery manufacturing plants.

Application in lathes and presses.

Applications of hydraulic manifold
Applications of hydraulic manifold

Contact us to purchase hydraulic manifold in Hanoi

With its outstanding advantages and stable performance with minimal breakdowns, this product offers users a great user experience. Currently, our company imports hydraulic manifold products with various sizes and designs.
For orders within Hanoi, the company will provide 100% transportation support. For orders to other provinces, a 50% transportation support will be provided.

Furthermore, in case of purchasing the wrong product, the company will assist with product exchanges to meet actual usage needs.

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