Wise pressure gauge

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The Wise pressure gauge is a line of pressure gauges produced in South Korea. The product is widely used in Vietnam, especially in important projects and modern factories that require strict control of working fluid pressure.

If you are interested in pressure measuring devices manufactured by Wise Co., Ltd., you can refer to the additional information we provide in this article.

Introduction to Wise Pressure Gauge

The Wise pressure gauge includes various product lines of pressure gauges, researched and developed by the Wise brand from South Korea. The product is available in a wide range of types to meet the pressure measurement needs of different types of fluids, including liquids and gases, working within pipeline systems or industrial machinery and equipment.

These devices are designed to work in various environmental conditions. Compared to many types of pressure gauges available on the market, Wise pressure gauges are known for their high quality and accurate pressure measurement capabilities in various working conditions.

Wise Pressure Gauge
Wise Pressure Gauge

About Wise Pressure Gauge Brand – South Korea

Wise Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the manufacturing of measurement devices, including pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meters, and more. With over 50 years of establishment and development, the company has made its mark in the market with a wide range of quality products that are well-received by customers.

Wise always pursues innovation to keep up with advancements in science and technology and apply them to product manufacturing.

Wise’s product lines have been present in many countries worldwide and have been applied in various fields such as oil and gas exploration, power generation, shipbuilding industry, biotechnology, and more. Among them, many product lines have received positive feedback from users, contributing to the establishment of Wise’s brand reputation in the field of measurement solutions.

In recent years, our Vietnam has been promoting the development of the industrial sector, which has led to an increasing demand for devices that can test and monitor working pressure of fluids within systems. In practical usage, the Wise pressure gauge has been highly regarded by customers for its durability and accuracy in measurement.

Wise Pressure Gauge Brand
Wise Pressure Gauge Brand

An overview of the structure and operation of the device

As you may know, Wise is a large manufacturer specializing in various measuring devices, including pressure gauges.

For the Wise pressure gauge product line, the company offers multiple types of pressure measuring instruments that employ different principles, resulting in certain structural differences.

Let’s explore two mechanical pressure gauge types that Wise utilizes in many of its gauge models.

Wise pressure gauge using a bourdon tube

The bourdon tube pressure gauge type is constructed with the following basic components:

  • Connection stem: The stem connects the pressure gauge and is typically designed with threaded ends, using materials such as copper or stainless steel. These stems possess sufficient hardness and corrosion resistance. The connecting stem functions to link the device to the system being measured, allowing the fluid to enter the pressure gauge mechanism.
  • Bourdon tube: The bourdon tube is a hollow tube made of copper or stainless steel, shaped like a C or a spiral. During fluid pressure measurement, the hollow structure of the bourdon tube enables the fluid to enter this component. Under the influence of pressure differentials inside and outside the bourdon tube, the tube undergoes elastic deformation, and the magnitude of this deformation depends on the pressure differential.
  • Drive mechanism: The drive mechanism comprises various parts, including gears, transmitting rods, and shafts. One end of this mechanism connects to the bourdon tube, while the other end is linked to the gauge’s pointer. This component is also made of copper or stainless steel and serves to receive the motion of the bourdon tube, transforming it into the movement of the gauge pointer.
  • Gauge pointer: The gauge pointer is made of an aluminum alloy to ensure both rigidity and low density. It does not interfere with the transmission process. Typically, the pointer is painted with a color contrasting with the gauge face, facilitating easy observation and data collection.
  • Gauge face: The gauge face is crafted from a thin, circular aluminum disc. It is painted and then printed with the measurement scale and other indicators representing the gauge’s standards and units of measurement.
  • Gauge casing: The majority of the gauge casing is made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon steel. It features a transparent glass cover to protect the front of the gauge.
Structure of Wise Pressure Gauge using a bourdon tube
Structure of Wise Pressure Gauge using a bourdon tube

Wise Pressure Gauge (Đồng hồ đo áp suất Wise) utilizes a diaphragm pressure sensor

The diaphragm pressure gauge consists of the following basic components: connecting socket, diaphragm sensor, transmission component, dial, gauge case, and pointer.

Essentially, most of these components have similar structures and functions to those of the Bourdon tube pressure gauge. However, the main differences lie in the following parts and details:

  • Diaphragm Pressure Sensor: This component is made from materials such as stainless steel, titanium, tantalum, etc. It is constructed in the form of a thin circular disc with concentric corrugations. This design enhances the flexibility of the diaphragm sensor, allowing it to deform when subjected to varying pressure from the fluid and return to its original shape when the pressure is removed.
  • Connecting Socket: The connecting socket is designed just below the diaphragm sensor. Different types of connecting sockets are used in diaphragm-type pressure gauges, including flange-type, compression fitting, clamp-type, and threaded connection.
  • Transmission Component: This component is responsible for transmitting the motion of the diaphragm pressure sensor to the gear mechanism of the gauge. Depending on the type of pressure gauge, this component can take various forms, with the simplest being a metallic rod.
Structure of Wise Pressure Gauge utilizing a diaphragm pressure sensor
Structure of Wise Pressure Gauge utilizing a diaphragm pressure sensor

Wise Pressure Gauge offers diverse options for features

Wise is a manufacturer of a wide range of measurement devices, originating from South Korea with extensive experience. Through continuous improvement and development, Wise Pressure Gauge is provided to users with numerous options, ensuring optimal pressure measurement capabilities for various substances.

Diverse Sizes

Regarding the size of the pressure gauge, it is commonly misunderstood that a larger gauge size corresponds to a higher pressure range. In reality, the pressure range of a pressure gauge depends on the design characteristics of the mechanism.

The diversity in size of the Wise Pressure Gauge is demonstrated through the diameter of the dial or the size of the connecting socket.

Wise offers pressure gauge dials in various sizes, and depending on the product line, there will be certain differences in the diameter of the dial.
Some popular dial diameters provided by Wise are: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, … 200mm.


The majority of pressure measuring devices are designed with threaded connections due to the advantages of easy installation and secure and tight connections. The connection threads of Wise pressure gauges are manufactured in various sizes, based on pre-established standards.

The provided thread diameters by the supplier are as follows: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″.

Wise pressure gauge with various sizes
Wise pressure gauge with various sizes

Pressure Range Diversity

In practice, pressure gauges are used in various systems across different industries, leading to differences in the working pressure range of the fluid.

To meet the pressure measurement requirements in specific cases, Wise offers customers a variety of pressure ranges that are suitable for each specific application. Typically, a pressure gauge product is designed with two measuring scales, corresponding to different units of measurement, to expand the application range of the product.

Depending on the measurement requirements of the real system for the product, Wise pressure gauges provide us with ranges such as: -1 bar to 0 bar; -1 bar to 1 bar; 0 bar to 2 bar, 3 bar, 10 bar, etc.

In addition to the range diversity provided to customers, Wise also supports various pressure units such as bar, kg/cm², PSI, mmHg.

Wise pressure gauge with diverse pressure ranges
Wise pressure gauge with diverse pressure ranges

Diversity in Connection Types

The connection type of Wise pressure gauges includes commonly used connection types on pipes. The manufacturer has to produce pressure gauges with various connection types to accommodate different characteristics suitable for specific application conditions.

Some basic connection types provided by the manufacturer include threaded, flanged, elbow, and clamp connections. Among them, threaded connections are the most commonly used.

Wise pressure gauge with diverse connection types
Wise pressure gauge with diverse connection types

Diversity in Manufacturing Materials

Wise pressure gauges utilize various materials in the manufacturing of components and details that make up the product. The materials used by the manufacturer for pressure gauge production include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, glass, etc. Depending on the properties of the material and in combination with the functionality and practical working conditions of each component, the engineering team calculates and selects suitable materials that meet the working requirements while ensuring the lowest possible cost for the product.

Wise pressure gauge with diverse manufacturing materials
Wise pressure gauge with diverse manufacturing materials

Some lines of Wise pressure gauges are commonly used

Wise pressure gauge P110 series

The Wise pressure gauge P110 series is a pressure measuring instrument manufactured by the company for use in measuring the pressure of common systems (including non-corrosive fluids such as water, compressed air, oil, etc.).

The product features a connecting socket and a bourdon tube made of brass, while the bourdon tube of models with larger pressure ranges is made of stainless steel 316.

The case of the gauge is made of aluminum or carbon steel and is coated with a layer of paint to protect it from chemical impacts.

Designed for measuring the pressure of typical systems, the cost of this device is much lower compared to other series provided by the company.

Wise pressure gauge P110 series
Wise pressure gauge P110 series

Wise pressure gauge P252 series

The Wise pressure gauge P252 series is designed to be suitable for environments and working fluids that are corrosive, including chemicals, industrial waste, petroleum, etc.

The parts that come into direct contact with chemicals, including the pressure sensor and the connecting socket, are entirely made of stainless steel 316. The case of the gauge, which protects the working mechanism, is made of stainless steel 304.

This product line is available in sizes of 63mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 160mm.

The pressure range is from -0.1 ~ 0 to 0 ~ 200 Mpa.

Wise pressure gauge P252 series
Wise pressure gauge P252 series

Wise pressure gauge P710 series

This gauge series uses a pressure diaphragm to receive the pressure of the fluid acting on the system. With this design, the diaphragm has a larger contact area with the fluid, making it suitable for various types of fluids with impurities.

The diaphragm is made of materials such as titanium, tantalum, special alloys, etc. It has good elasticity, high corrosion resistance, and safety. It is suitable for applications in microbiological systems and chemical systems with strong corrosiveness.

With the Wise pressure gauge P710 series, the pressure range is provided from -0.1 ~ 0 to -0.1 ~ 2.5 Mpa or from 0 ~ 0.1 to 0 ~ 35 Mpa, and the gauge case is made of stainless steel.

Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge) P710 series
Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge) P710 series

Practical Applications of Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge)

Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge) has been used and developed for a long time. During this period, these devices have been continuously improved, parallel to the development of the industry, to provide the most effective pressure measurement solution.

They are considered highly accurate flow measurement devices, operating stably and durably. Various types of Wise pressure gauges are applied in different fields.

Here are some practical applications of Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge):

  • In the oil and gas industry: In the oil and gas industry, including crude oil extraction, oil refining, and distribution to consumption and distribution stations, these devices are used to test the working pressure of crude oil, natural gas, diesel, etc., circulating within the pipeline systems.
  • In the food and beverage production sector: For systems involving fluid usage in the production of beverages, food products, and research on biotechnology, Wise provides microbiological pressure gauges made from hygienic and corrosion-resistant materials.
  • In residential pipeline systems: Pressure gauges are used to monitor the pressure exerted by water on pipeline walls, maintaining adequate pressure for consumption needs and limiting working pressure to ensure safety conditions. Pressure gauges are used in domestic water supply systems and fire suppression systems.
  • In industrial manufacturing: With a wide range of Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge) products, they are used to measure the flow rate of various fluids in industrial systems, including water pressure measurement, hydraulic oil pressure measurement, compressed air pressure measurement, etc.
Practical Applications of Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge)
Practical Applications of Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge)

Installation Considerations for Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge)

For pressure gauge devices in general, including Wise Pressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge) specifically, proper installation plays a crucial role in achieving the highest pressure measurement efficiency and avoiding unnecessary damage during the installation process.

After selecting a suitable device for the system, the following issues should be considered for the most accurate installation of the pressure gauge:

  • Choosing the installation location: The installation location of the pressure gauge needs to ensure that the fluid level is maintained stably. It should be a position where the working pressure can be used to evaluate the overall system pressure. The installation space should be suitable for the size of the gauge and allow for easy observation.
  • Choosing the appropriate installation type: Pressure gauges are available in various installation types, such as threaded, flanged, clamp-on, etc. The gauge type and the system’s installation type need to be compatible and have the same dimensions.
  • Pay attention to the installation procedure: WisePressure Gauge (Wise pressure gauge) has a solid metal connecting foot. Therefore, during installation, only force should be applied to this specific area, without tightening the gauge by rotating its body. Specifically, for threaded-foot gauges, an appropriate wrench should be used to tighten them against the square edge of the gauge foot.
  • Using additional accessories: Depending on specific working conditions and measurement requirements, additional devices and accessories such as syphons or shut-off valves can be used to enhance measurement control.
Installation Notes for Wise Pressure Gauge
Installation Notes for Wise Pressure Gauge

VIVA – Authorized Supplier of Genuine Wise Pressure Gauge

We commit to providing genuine Wise Pressure Gauge products with the highest quality and most competitive prices in the market. We ensure that all our products are directly imported from the manufacturer, Wise, in South Korea and undergo thorough quality checks before being available for sale.

We always provide detailed information about the products, ensuring all necessary certifications are in place. When purchasing our products, you can have complete confidence.

Furthermore, VIVA guarantees the best after-sales services for our customers, including technical support, warranty, and product repairs if any issues arise during usage.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to earn your trust and deliver a positive experience with our products.

For any inquiries about the products, please contact our advisory staff via the provided phone number. We are delighted to assist you in finding solutions for your flow measurement needs.

Image of Wise Pressure Gauge
Image of Wise Pressure Gauge

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