DN80 flanged gate valve


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Introduction to DN80 Flanged Gate Valve

The DN80 flanged gate valve is a type of gate valve that is used for pipes with a diameter of 90mm. It is installed by connecting the flanged face cast on the device. Additionally, users can also refer to it as a DN80 flanged gate valve.

DN80 is a size that is considered neither too small nor too large, making it convenient for transportation and installation. Typically, a gate valve with similar dimensions using flanged connections weighs around 15 to 18 kilograms, while the weight drops to just 1 kilogram for threaded connections. That’s why flanged connection products are often larger and bulkier in size compared to threaded connections.

Currently, we offer a complete range of DN80 flanged gate valves for various applications, including clean water, wastewater, and industrial systems requiring premium stainless steel valves.

Introduction to DN80 Flanged Gate Valve
Introduction to DN80 Flanged Gate Valve

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How to Choose the Right DN80 Gate Valve?

The current market offers a wide variety of DN80 flanged gate valve products, ranging from different materials to manufacturing brands and design styles.

The advantage of this product diversity is that users can find the right product that suits their needs and preferences. However, the downside is that customers may feel overwhelmed when faced with numerous options.

In this section, I will provide some guidance on how to choose the most suitable product while also being cost-effective.

I won’t discuss the size aspect because to use a gate valve with the specified dimensions, your pipe must already be 90mm in diameter.

The key factor to consider is the working environment. Why do manufacturers categorize their products into different materials? That’s because each material is suitable for specific working environments:

  • For wastewater and clean water, choose cast iron valves with or without rubber coatings.
  • For chemicals and clean water, choose stainless steel valves.
  • For gasoline and oil, use cast iron valves.
Choosing the Right DN80 Flanged Gate Valve
Choosing the Right DN80 Flanged Gate Valve

How is the DN80 Flanged Gate Valve Constructed?

To create a complete product, various components are required. It’s not enough to simply cast a single piece and expect it to be immediately usable. The DN80 flanged gate valve follows the same principle and consists of the following main parts:

  1. Valve body
  2. Valve disc
  3. Valve stem
  4. Rubber gasket
  5. Valve cover
  6. Handwheel
How is the DN80 Flanged Gate Valve Constructed?
How is the DN80 Flanged Gate Valve Constructed?

All of the above-mentioned components are crucial, as the absence of any part can result in the valve being non-operational or not functioning optimally.

However, in order to mention the part that consumes the most materials, we must refer to the body and valve cover. Moreover, these are the two components that determine whether the valve operates stably against external impacts or not.

Some things you need to know before using DN80 flanged gate valve

The valve is cast from materials with high durability, allowing for installation and use in various working conditions.

It is necessary to ensure the correct working parameters, including temperature and pressure.

As a flanged connection type valve, the flange surfaces used for installation must have the same standard, ensuring that the center hole positions are all aligned correctly.

You can choose a valve with a rising stem or a non-rising stem design, with the latter being slightly more expensive.

If there is debris inside the flow, you can use a strainer.

Things to know before using DN80 flanged gate valve
Things to know before using DN80 flanged gate valve

Supplier of the cheapest DN80 flanged gate valve in Hanoi

Based on the above information, if you find the product suitable for your purpose, you can contact the company immediately. Or if you are unsure about choosing the right product, you can leave your information through the ordering section on the website, and the sales staff will provide assistance and advice.

Viva is proud to be a company with many years of experience in supplying water industry accessories nationwide. With over 200 different products, ranging from accessories to valves and water meters, we can meet all the needs of our customers.

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