Modulating control butterfly valve

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Introduction to modulating control butterfly valve

The modulating control butterfly valve is a device used to regulate the flow of fluid by adjusting the angle of the valve disc. It offers additional functionality compared to conventional electric butterfly valves as it incorporates an adjustable electric actuator capable of controlling the valve at different angles.

The valve body consists of a compact structure with a thin metallic disc connected to the valve shaft. The disc is driven to change its angle by the mechanical energy supplied by the electric actuator.

Despite its added features, the modulating control butterfly valve is rarely used in practical applications due to its suboptimal flow regulation efficiency compared to ball valves or globe valves.

Modulating Control Butterfly Valve
Modulating Control Butterfly Valve

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Key Specifications of Modulating control butterfly valve

The modulating control butterfly valve is available in various types to accommodate different specifications of devices. However, providing a comprehensive list of specifications for all devices in a single article would be impractical. Therefore, this article will provide an overview of the basic specifications for modulating control butterfly valves, aiming to offer customers a general understanding of the product.

  • Diameter sizes: DN50 to DN800
  • Operating pressure ranges: 10 bar, 16 bar, 20 bar, etc.
  • Working fluid temperature range: From -30℃ to 300℃
  • Installation ambient temperature range: From -20℃ to 60℃
  • Installation options: Flanged, wafer, clamp
  • Operating voltage: 380V, 220V, 24V, etc.
  • Fluid applications: Water, wastewater, small particles and powders, etc.
  • Origin: Hpcontrol – Poland, Covna – China, Eaglesky – Taiwan, etc.
  • Warranty accuracy: 12 or 18 months (varies by product).
Illustration of modulating control butterfly valve specifications
Illustration of modulating control butterfly valve specifications

Diverse Types of Modulating control butterfly Valves

The modulating control butterfly valve (modulating control butterfly valve) is supplied in a wide range of types. The classification of this product line depends on various factors such as material construction, control voltage, and more. These options are designed to optimize the performance of the device for each system. If you want to learn more about the specific types of devices, you can explore the information below.

Product Diversity in Control Voltage Levels

The working voltage level of the device is determined by the type of the actuator. Generally, the actuator used for larger valve bodies operates at higher working voltages.

The current used to supply the actuator can be direct current or alternating current, depending on the design. Commonly used voltage levels include 380V, 220V, 24V, and more. Each voltage level offers distinct advantages for the device.

For example, an actuator using 380V will generate a strong pulling force on the valve with high power. An actuator with a 24V direct current voltage is suitable for systems with high safety requirements.

Therefore, depending on the working conditions, it is important to consider selecting the appropriate type of device for the system.

Diverse control voltage options for modulating control butterfly valve
Diverse control voltage options for modulating control butterfly valve

Diverse Valve Bodies in Terms of Material Construction

Since the valve body is the component that directly contacts the working fluid, the properties of the working fluid in the system have a direct impact on the valve body. Due to the different characteristics of various materials, manufacturers have chosen multiple materials to construct the butterfly valve bodies.

However, it is not advisable to choose materials that are excessively superior for this component, as materials with better properties are often more difficult to process and come with higher costs. Therefore, valve bodies are commonly made from popular materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, or steel.

Translated text:

Modulating control butterfly valve with diverse material construction
Modulating control butterfly valve with diverse material construction

Diverse installation types of valve bodies

The installation method of the modulating control butterfly valve is selected based on the installation method of the pipeline or the equipment that the valve needs to be installed on.

Since each installation type has different characteristics, it is necessary to manufacture valves with diverse installation types.

Some commonly seen installation types for butterfly valves are: flange installation, clamp installation, lug installation, and particularly, the clamp installation (a quick installation type often used in microbiological systems).

Modulating control butterfly valve with diverse installation types
Modulating control butterfly valve with diverse installation types

Structural characteristics of modulating control butterfly valve

Fundamentally, the modulating control butterfly valve device still has a basic structure similar to conventional electrically controlled butterfly valves, consisting of two main components: the electric actuator and the valve body.

However, what sets this device apart is that the actuator is a linear actuator type, which allows users to adjust the rotation angle more flexibly, instead of the fixed angles of 0º and 90º in the on/off actuator.

Most linear actuators are designed with display screens and control buttons so that users can change the valve’s operating mode when necessary.

Linear actuator
Linear actuator

The remaining component is the butterfly valve part, which can be various types of valves with different designs, installation types, or construction materials. However, it still follows the basic structure of a butterfly valve, with a valve body frame and a circular disc, sealed by gasket details.

Butterfly valve body
Butterfly valve body

The above text translates to English as follows (keeping the HTML code intact):

Two separate components can be designed and used, using two parts from different manufacturers for installation (however, it is necessary to consider the choice of the drive unit with a power suitable for the size of the valve). They are connected to each other by tightening the bolts.

Practical applications of modulating control butterfly valves

Modulating control butterfly valves are devices that effectively support controlling the flow of fluid inside a system, with a special structure and opening/closing principle. These devices can be used for various types of fluids.

These fluids can be water, sludge, wastewater, various powders, or small-sized particles.

A simple design applied to different types of materials, modulating control butterfly valves are often used in industrial piping systems or on equipment in large-scale production lines.

Some specific application examples include:

  • Water pipeline systems: Water supply pipelines for buildings, water supply pipelines for firefighting purposes, water production and distribution pipelines for water treatment plants.
  • Inside industrial production lines: In industrial production lines, apart from being installed on pipelines, valves are also used on material silos, material pouring hoppers, etc. This is particularly common in cement factories, fertilizer production, ore mining and processing, etc.
  • In the oil and gas industry: Valves are used on oil pipelines, processing pipelines, and crude oil extraction of oil refineries, crude oil drilling rigs, etc.
Practical applications of modulating control butterfly valves
Practical applications of modulating control butterfly valves

Authentic modulating control butterfly valves at VIVA.

We import directly various segments of modulating control butterfly valves with different price ranges from manufacturing units, and we carefully select valve models that are suitable for the working conditions in Vietnam.

The products are tested before delivery to customers, ensuring that the supplied equipment is of the highest quality. We provide these products with all necessary CO-CQ documents, so customers can have complete confidence in the quality and origin of the products when purchasing from VIVA.

Some brands of modulating control butterfly valves that we currently provide include:

  • Kosaplus from South Korea
  • Eaglesky from Taiwan
  • Bray from the United States,…

And there are also some product lines from various other brands, all of which are supported with a warranty of up to 12 months.

Modulating control butterfly Valve Product Image
Modulating control butterfly Valve Product Image

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