Parker hydraulic ball valves

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Introduction to Parker hydraulic ball valves

When it comes to the Parker brand, consumers often remember it as a famous brand from the United States that specializes in manufacturing renowned hydraulic equipment. Some of the product lines associated with the brand include Parker hydraulic pumps, Parker hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic shock absorbers, solenoid valves, Parker pressure control valves, and many other products.
In addition to the above-mentioned products, there is another lesser-known product of good quality, which is the Parker hydraulic ball valve. This product is made of steel material with a distinctive black appearance, avoiding confusion with some ball valves used for water in the market.

With its traditional design, Parker ball valves offer users several advantages, such as suitability for different working space positions. To gain a better understanding of the Parker hydraulic ball valve product line, please continue reading other information sections in this article.

Parker hydraulic ball valves
Parker hydraulic ball valves

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Parker hydraulic ball valves only use hand levers

The hand lever is one of the essential components in ball valves in general, and specifically in Parker hydraulic ball valves. Having an additional hand lever helps users operate and use Parker hydraulic ball valves much simpler and smoother.
With the increasingly advanced scientific technology, humans have invented additional control devices that partially support the user’s usage process.

If you have ever used ball valves for water systems, using electrical or pneumatic devices is quite normal. However, hydraulic ball valves are completely different in that they do not use electrical and pneumatic control devices.

However, using a hand lever also has some conveniences. The product rarely breaks down and does not require excessive maintenance. The operating costs are negligible and entirely dependent on the user’s physical strength. It can be used in various natural conditions, from low humidity to rain and shine.

Parker hydraulic ball valves only use hand levers
Parker hydraulic ball valves only use hand levers

Types of Connections for Parker Hydraulic Ball Valves

Although they are products used in high-pressure systems, Parker hydraulic ball valves only use threaded and flanged connections. These two types of connections are specifically used for large-sized products and high-pressure applications.
The use of threaded connections does not significantly affect the product’s performance, especially when it still achieves the highest working efficiency. The solid body of the ball valve allows it to withstand high pressure from the system.

You can feel this when holding the product in your hand; despite having the same dimensions, Parker ball valves are much heavier.

The advantage of threaded connections is quick and easy installation, without requiring excessive costs or labor. The disassembly and maintenance of the valve are also simple and convenient.

As for the flanged connection, it has similar advantages to the threaded connection, but it requires more time and effort during installation.

Types of Connections for Parker Hydraulic Ball Valves
Types of Connections for Parker Hydraulic Ball Valves

Parker Ball Valve Supplier in Hanoi

Our company directly imports Parker hydraulic ball valves from the United States. The products come in various sizes: dn15, dn20, dn25, dn32, dn40, dn50, dn65, dn80, dn100, and are fully certified with CO and CQ. They come with a 12-month warranty and support for product exchanges within the first 7 days.
Contact our company now at 0349 775 318 to receive a quotation and other related information about the products.

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