Pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket

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Pneumatic cylinder mounting brackets are commonly associated with pneumatic cylinders in various specific applications. Although they do not directly perform movements in the system, these accessories play a crucial role.

If you are looking for information related to pneumatic cylinder mounting brackets, this article will provide you with useful information.

What is a Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Bracket?

A pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket, also known as a mounting bracket for pneumatic cylinder, is an accessory used to secure pneumatic cylinders to mechanical mechanisms or equipment systems, ensuring that the cylinder operates correctly along a precalculated trajectory without deviations during the working process.
Pneumatic cylinder brackets can be made from materials such as aluminum, steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, etc. The choice of material depends on specific working conditions.

For example, mounting brackets designed to work under heavy load conditions require a suitable material such as carbon steel.

As an accessory, pneumatic cylinder mounting brackets are designed in various shapes and functions to match different pneumatic cylinders available in the market. To differentiate between these products, specific symbols are conventionally used to represent different types of mounting brackets, such as CA, CB, LB, TC, and so on.

Image of a pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket
Image of a pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket

Types of Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets

Pneumatic cylinder mounting brackets are accessories used for pneumatic cylinders to link and secure them to a system. As you know, there are various types of pneumatic cylinders available, each with different shapes. Furthermore, depending on specific applications, these cylinders can be rigidly fixed to the system or connected in a way that allows the cylinder to rotate in a specific direction.
Because of this, pneumatic cylinder mounting brackets are manufactured in different variants, corresponding to each type’s shape.

Types of Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets
Types of Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets

TC Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Bracket

The TC-type pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket is designed to fix the cylinder body. It has a metallic ring shape that is inserted into the cylinder body and then secured through fastening screws. With this design, the TC-type mounting bracket can be installed in the center or offset to the two end positions of the cylinder body.
The product is available in suitable sizes for cylinder installation, with body diameters of 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, and so on.

The accessory is designed with two symmetrical rotating pins, allowing the cylinder to tilt at certain angles during operation.

LB Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Bracket

The LB-type pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket consists of two parts used to block the upper or lower side of the cylinder. The characteristic structure of this accessory is relatively simple, manufactured using forming and metal bending methods to create the desired shape.
The LB-type mounting bracket has an L-shaped cross-sectional profile with a thickness of over 2 mm. The commonly used material for its fabrication is carbon steel. After the shaping process is completed, the product undergoes surface treatment, such as plating, to enhance its corrosion resistance against chemicals.

CA Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Bracket

The CA-type pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket is designed to be installed at the bottom of the pneumatic cylinder. They are typically made of aluminum or aluminum alloys through casting methods, followed by cutting and machining processes to achieve precision and standard shape.
The CA-type mounting bracket functions to fix both linear and rotational movements of the cylinder. Instead of allowing the cylinder to rotate along its own axis, this type of bracket enables the cylinder to rotate around an axis perpendicular to the cylinder body. This feature enhances the flexibility of the product in various applications.

CB Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Bracket

In terms of functionality, the CB-type pneumatic cylinder mounting bracket is similar to the CA-type bracket. However, it has a slight difference in its structure. The mounting base for the cylinder is designed in a square shape. Instead of being a solid piece, the connecting part is made up of two symmetrical ears, with a steel shaft passing through these ears.

FB and FA Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets

FB and FA are symbols for flange mounting brackets, where:

  • FA is the bracket designed for mounting the cylinder head.
  • FB is the bracket designed for mounting the cylinder tail.

Both of these accessories are manufactured as steel plates. The FA bracket is additionally processed with a hole to allow the cylinder rod to pass through. The brackets are typically provided in rectangular shapes, along with various size options.

They provide the ability to secure the cylinder to a mechanism or flat surfaces.

Some Notes on Using Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets

Although known as accessories used in conjunction with pneumatic cylinders, they have a very simple structure, providing basic functionality of securing and limiting unwanted movements of the pneumatic cylinder in real-world applications.
To use the mounting brackets effectively and safely, we need to consider the following issues:

  • Load-bearing capacity: As you may know, mounting brackets are made from different materials, based on the characteristics of each material, the mounting brackets will have the ability to withstand the forces exerted by different cylinders. If they cannot meet the load-bearing requirements, these accessories can be destroyed, affecting other equipment in the system, or even posing a risk to humans.
  • Compatibility with working conditions: In many cases, the working environment of the mounting brackets can cause chemical corrosion. If your equipment is made from materials that are not corrosion-resistant, regular inspection and evaluation are necessary.
Using Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets
Using Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets

Where to Buy Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets?

Finding suitable pneumatic cylinder mounting brackets for purchase can be either easy or challenging, depending on the area you live in. In major cities, it is usually easy to find suitable products available at metal tool stores.
If there are no specific local sources for these products in your area, you can explore e-commerce platforms or search through websites. Surely, you will find products that meet your needs.

We are a specialized provider of industrial equipment and supplies, capable of supplying various types of pneumatic cylinder mounting brackets and hydraulic cylinder mounts. Our products are of high quality and offered at affordable prices, available for both direct and online purchasing.

We support product delivery to all provinces across Vietnam, and of course, customers are allowed to inspect the goods before accepting the products.

Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets
Pneumatic Cylinder Mounting Brackets

On behalf of the viva team, I would like to express our gratitude to our readers for taking the time to read our articles and explore our products. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about the products we have provided and continue to offer.

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