Threaded water flow meter

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Threaded water flow meters are devices designed to measure the flow rate of water and other similar fluids. The threaded installation type is designed according to standards, allowing the meter to be easily and quickly installed on the pipeline system. In this article, let’s explore this device together with VIVA.

Introduction to threaded water flow meters

Threaded water flow meters are a common name for flow meters designed with threaded connections to connect to flowing pipelines, where the flow rate needs to be determined.
They are used to measure the flow rate of water in residential and industrial applications. They operate based on the mechanical principle of water flow. The meter consists of an internal mechanism that includes a wheel, turbine, paddle wheel, etc., collectively referred to as the components interacting with the flow. When water flows through the meter, the pressure and flow force of the water act on the components interacting with the flow, causing them to move (mostly rotational motion).

Due to the threaded installation type, this device is supplied in relatively small diameters, ranging from 15mm to 48mm.

The flow meter is provided with two main options:

  • Threaded water flow meter using mechanical mechanisms
  • Threaded water flow meter of the electronic type.
Image of threaded water flow meter
Image of threaded water flow meter

Technical specifications

Threaded water flow meters, including mechanical and electronic meters, simultaneously apply various measurement methods to measure the flow rate of water. Here is a compilation of the technical specifications of the devices we are providing for your reference:

  • Product: Threaded water flow meter
  • Types of flow meters: Mechanical meter, ultrasonic meter, turbine-type electronic meter
  • Diameter size: From 15mm to 48mm
  • Flow rate range: 0.002 m³/h to 20 m³/h
  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar
  • Maximum working temperature: Up to 70℃
  • Options for meter body materials: Brass, stainless steel, plastic
  • Applicable fluids: Clean water, wastewater, etc.
  • Connection type: Threaded connection
  • Product origin: Malaysia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, etc.
  • Warranty policy: 12 months warranty.

Threaded water flow meters with diverse options

Threaded water flow meters are manufactured for measuring the flow rate of water or other equivalent fluids. As water is a resource used in various applications, water meters are designed with different variations to optimize their measuring capabilities for specific applications.
The products are provided with various options.

Material options

Based on practical working conditions and the unique characteristics of different materials, water flow meters are offered with a range of material options.
The material differences I’m referring to here are the variations in the materials used to construct the meter bodies, as it is the component that utilizes the most materials and significantly influences the cost and features of the product.

With the water flow meters we provide, customers can choose from the following material options:

  • Plastic: With the advantages of lightweight, high durability due to chemical resistance and non-oxidation properties. The plastic used ensures absolute safety when in direct contact with clean water under normal working conditions (PVC, PP, PE, etc.). The limitations of threaded water flow meters made of plastic are that they should not be used outdoors (to ensure durability), should not be used for hot water, and have limited pressure resistance.
Threaded water flow meter with plastic body
Threaded water flow meter with plastic body
  • Brass: A commonly used material in various fields related to fluid control. Brass is used to construct water pipes, valves, and components of flow meters. In applications where brass is directly used and the fluid affects human health (such as water or certain types of food consumed by humans), this material needs to meet the lead content requirements. Our products always meet the standards and safety requirements for materials.
Threaded water flow meter with brass body
Threaded water flow meter with brass body
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is rarely used for threaded water flow meters, partly because it has a higher cost and the working conditions of water systems are not too harsh.
Threaded water flow meter with stainless steel body
Threaded water flow meter with stainless steel body

Options for Types

Threaded water flow meters are provided in two main types, including:

  • Mechanical flow meter: This device operates based on the interaction between moving parts placed inside the meter body (impeller, water paddle, etc.) and the flow of water. The measured value is then displayed on the meter face through the transmission mechanism (counter). Therefore, mechanical flow meters, in general, have the ability to operate autonomously without the need for a power supply.
Mechanical threaded water flow meter
Mechanical threaded water flow meter
  • Electronic flow meter: This device is composed of mechanical components combined with electronic parts. The mechanical part is responsible for generating motion based on the interaction with the flow. The electronic part collects information from sensors, encodes the information, and transmits it to the chips for calculation. Finally, the flow value is displayed on the electronic screen. These devices require a suitable power supply to operate, which can be provided through an external power source or batteries.
Electronic threaded water flow meter
Electronic threaded water flow meter

Applications of Threaded Water Flow Meters

Threaded water flow meters have various applications in water supply and consumption systems. Here are some common applications of threaded water flow meters:

  • Water consumption measurement: Used to measure water consumption in households, apartments, buildings, and residential areas. This helps users and water managers know the amount of water used for water management and consumption control.
  • Water billing: Provides information about the amount of water consumed, assisting in calculating the water bill based on local pricing and water pricing policies.
  • Water supply system management: Used in public water supply systems to monitor and manage the flow of water through pipelines and pumping stations. By recording the amount of water used, water managers can implement effective management measures, detect leaks, and identify issues in the water supply system.
  • Commercial and industrial water consumption monitoring: Used in commercial and industrial facilities to monitor and control water consumption. This helps businesses and factories manage water usage efficiently and control costs.

Threaded water flow meters are an essential tool for water management and control, ensuring water conservation and sustainability.

Applications of threaded water flow meters
Applications of threaded water flow meters

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