Bronze safety valve

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Introduction to Bronze Safety Valve

Bronze safety valves are devices that protect pipeline systems from damage caused by overpressure. Most of the components of these devices are made from Bronze alloy, hence the term “Bronze safety valve.”

These devices come in various shapes and sizes, providing a wide range of options and optimizing their performance within the system. The most common sizes of these devices range from small to medium.

Most safety valves are made from Bronze and are designed to be installed using either threaded or flanged connections. They can work with different types of fluids in various states (liquid, gas, or steam) and are compatible with multiple systems.

Bronze Safety Valve
Bronze Safety Valve

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Original price was: 200.000 ₫.Current price is: 150.000 ₫.
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How is a Bronze Safety Valve Constructed?

With their compact design, Bronze safety valves are typically designed as direct safety valves, consisting of multiple interconnected parts.

The main components of the valve include:

  • Valve body: The body of the Bronze safety valve is composed of two parts (upper body and lower body), both of which are made from a single piece of Bronze and then undergo precision cutting processes to achieve precise deformation at the positions for installing parts and valve ports.
  • Spring: The device’s spring is made of stainless steel, with the valve stem inserted inside the spring.
  • Valve stem: The valve stem is directly machined from Bronze alloy bars, with a special shape and one end connected to the valve disc.
  • Valve disc: This component directly opens and closes the device and is in the form of a circular disc made of Bronze alloy, accompanied by a sealing gasket made of rubber, Teflon, or an alloy.
  • Pressure release lever: The pressure release lever of Bronze safety devices is designed in various shapes, depending on the valve type. Some devices may not incorporate this component into their design (the illustration below shows an L-shaped lever). This detail functions as a manual pressure release mechanism.

In addition to the mentioned main components, many other auxiliary parts such as stoppers, sealing gaskets, bolts, etc., are required to form a complete Bronze safety valve.

Structure of Bronze Safety Valve
Structure of Bronze Safety Valve

Safety Bronze Valves Classification

Bronze Safety Valve with Handwheel

This device is designed with an additional handwheel component for manual pressure relief purposes. It allows users to check the fluid before reaching the discharge limit or in cases where the valve is stuck due to prolonged inactivity. Pulling the handwheel helps the valve operate smoothly again.

Bronze Handwheel Safety Valve
Bronze Handwheel Safety Valve

Bronze Safety Valve with Cap

The bronze safety valve with a cap, also known as a non-handwheel safety valve, has a cap detail at the top of the valve that seals the valve body. Therefore, during operation, users cannot manually relieve pressure within the system. The fluid inside the system will only be discharged into the environment when it reaches a certain limit.

Bronze Cap Safety Valve
Bronze Cap Safety Valve

Bronze Safety Valve with Threaded Connection

This device is designed with a threaded connection at the valve’s outlet to the pipeline. Bronze threaded safety valves are often small in size and designed for both external and internal threaded connections.

These valves are easily assembled and widely used.

Bronze Threaded Safety Valve
Bronze Threaded Safety Valve

Bronze Safety Valve with Flange Connection

If you have experience working with industrial valve equipment, you are probably familiar with flange face-to-face connections, which involve connecting valves and pipes of large sizes.

Bronze flange safety valves are commonly used in a wide range of sizes. One end of the valve connects to the pipeline system with a flange connection, while the other end may or may not have this type of connection.

Bronze Flange Safety Valve
Bronze Flange Safety Valve

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Features of Bronze Safety Valves

As you may know, Bronze safety valves are made from brass (a type of Bronze alloy), so the characteristics of the device partly depend on the properties of the material.

Bronze safety valves have the following common features:

  • The devices have high durability due to the corrosion resistance of the material. Additionally, brass has good heat and pressure resistance, allowing the devices to work with most systems in Vietnam and even in some chemical systems with low corrosion.
  • Being a widely used valve type, it is easy for users to find and purchase the products.
  • The devices are imported from various countries such as Italy, China, Turkey, and Taiwan. With different varieties, they meet the needs of customers in all market segments.
Features of Bronze Safety Valves
Features of Bronze Safety Valves

Purchase High-Quality Bronze Safety Valves at VIVA

VIVA Industrial Equipment and Technical Joint Stock Company specializes in supplying industrial materials, equipment, and valve products.

At VIVA, we provide a range of safety valves that are directly imported from reputable manufacturers in different countries. Our products always come with the necessary documentation, proving the origin and quality of the products.

With a warranty period of up to 18 months, customers can have complete peace of mind regarding the products throughout their usage.

For more detailed information about our products, please contact us directly via the phone number or Zalo displayed on the screen. Our team will strive to address all your inquiries in the shortest possible time.

Thank you!

Real-life Image of Bronze Safety Valves
Real-life Image of Bronze Safety Valves

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