ARV electric signal gate valve

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Introduction to ARV electrical signal gate valve

The ARV Electrical Signal Gate Valve is a line of gate valves specifically designed for fire protection systems. It is researched and manufactured by the ARV brand to serve the installation and construction of fire protection systems.

Nowadays, with numerous mushrooming constructions and a significant concentration of people, one of the essential safety measures is the need for a fire protection system for necessary cases.

The ARV signal block valve is a type of Malaysian gate valve designed in a rising stem form, allowing for the indication of the valve’s open and closed status to the operator through an optical sensor mounted directly on the stem assembly.

Introduction to ARV Electrical Signal Gate Valve
Introduction to ARV Electrical Signal Gate Valve

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Identification features of ARV Electrical Signal Gate Valve

Completely different from the block valves used in regular water systems, the ARV signal gate valve has a distinctive red paint color, which is a characteristic color of fire protection systems.

The product body is embossed with the ARV name, so during the purchase process, you need to pay attention to products from the brand that do not have adhesive labels to avoid buying low-quality items.

The valve is entirely cast from cast iron material, and the valve disc is also coated with an additional layer of rubber on the outside.

When you turn the steering wheel, the stem assembly immediately moves up and down to indicate the open and closed status.

Characteristics of ARV Electrical Signal Gate Valve
Characteristics of ARV Electrical Signal Gate Valve

Attention when using and operating ARV Electrical Signal Gate Valve

So compared to the traditional steel or stainless steel gate valves, the ARV electric signal gate valve requires attention to the following issues when using:

It is a type of valve that can signal the opening and closing through sensors, so it cannot be used outdoors as natural conditions can damage the sensors.

Avoid excessive impact on the valve stem component, as this can cause deformation of the stem.

The standards for ARV electric signal gate valves are BS standards, and customers also need to pay attention to select the appropriate product.

The valve should only be fully opened or fully closed, and should not be partially opened or closed, as this is not good for the valve disc component.

Do not install the valve in excessively high positions, as this can make it difficult for the operator to operate the valve during the opening and closing process.

Components involved in the construction of ARV electric signal gate valves

To create a product with quality and stable operation, various components of different sizes are required, all of which are connected together through bolts or threaded connections. For ARV electric signal gate valves, the following components are needed:

  1. Valve body: cast from cast iron material with an external epoxy coating.
  2. Valve disc: placed in the middle of the body component, its main task is to open and close the flow.
  3. Valve cover: placed on the body component, the valve cover and the body create a sturdy frame.
  4. Handwheel: also known as a steering wheel used to control the valve disc located below.
  5. Monitoring switch: a type of sensor that allows users to know the open and closed status of the valve.
  6. Valve stem: a stainless steel metal rod with threaded ends.

The largest ARV valve warehouse in Hanoi

If you are wondering where to choose ARV electric signal gate valves that are suitable, or simply other product lines from the ARV brand such as butterfly valves, pump strainers, check valves, and some other accessories.

Contact the Viva Industrial and Technical Equipment Joint Stock Company, which specializes in importing and supplying various valve lines from the ARV brand and many other brands from Malaysia.

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