High pressure globe valve

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The high pressure globe valve is designed to operate in high-pressure pipeline systems, with pressure levels that can reach hundreds of bars.

In addition to withstanding high-pressure working conditions, the globe valve also has excellent high-temperature resistance due to its special design and the use of high-strength materials.

The product has a clear origin and comes with all necessary quality certification documents.

Introduction to High pressure globe valve

The high pressure globe valve, also known as a high-pressure globe valve, is a type of globe valve specially designed to withstand high pressures, as the fluid exerts force on the internal parts of the valve.

The device operates on the same working principle as conventional globe valves, which involves controlling the flow of fluid by raising and lowering the valve disc.

However, due to the specific requirements of high pressures and sometimes large temperature variations, high pressure globe valves need to be precisely engineered using materials with low thermal expansion.

Usually, the valve is operated using a manual lever mechanism, but you have the option to change this manual operation method by choosing to use an electric or pneumatic actuator for quick and easy remote control of valve opening and closing.

The valve is used for opening, closing, and regulating the flow of high-pressure fluids, commonly found in industrial systems.

High Pressure Globe valve
High Pressure Globe valve

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Original price was: 900.000 ₫.Current price is: 790.000 ₫.
Original price was: 310.000 ₫.Current price is: 295.000 ₫.
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Technical specifications of High pressure globe valve

As the device comes in various different types, in this article, I will mention the most basic specifications of this product to give customers a general overview and save time in finding suitable high pressure globe valves.

  • Working pressure ranges: Class 600 to Class 2500 (approximately 110 bar to 420 bar)
  • Valve diameter sizes: DN50 to DN450
  • Options for manufacturing materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, and some other alloy types
  • Valve installation types: Welded to pipes, flanged, threaded
  • Operating temperature range: From -40℃ to 500℃
  • Valve operation options: Manual operation, electric operation, pneumatic operation
  • Origin: Taiwan, China, USA, etc.
  • Product warranty period: 12 to 18 months (depending on the product).
Image of High Pressure Globe valve
Image of High Pressure Globe valve

Characteristics of High pressure globe valve

During the design and manufacturing process, the highest requirement for high-pressure globe valves is that they must withstand high pressure, have the ability to work stably and durably under the impact of fluid pressure on the valve body. Therefore, these valves are specially designed compared to conventional devices.

Materials Used

The materials used for constructing these devices are high-strength materials capable of withstanding high pressure and high temperatures simultaneously. After considering factors such as properties, costs, and raw materials, most manufacturers have chosen carbon steel or stainless steel as the materials for the valve body components.

Diverse materials for construction equipment
Diverse materials for construction equipment

Precision in Machining

To ensure that the valves can operate under high pressure, globe valves need to meet high precision requirements during the machining process, especially for components with motion, contact, and friction.

For example, the valve stem, valve body, cover, and lower body require precise machining to prevent gaps between components and to prevent fluid from escaping the system.

Installation Methods

High-pressure globe valves can still be installed using common methods such as flange connection, threaded connection, or direct welding to the pipeline for system integration.

However, due to the high-pressure impact, the flange or threaded structure of high-pressure globe valves is usually slightly different from conventional ones.

For flange connections, the flange face of the valve is designed to be thick and precisely machined to ensure a tight and flat sealing surface. In some cases, the flange face may have an additional concentric groove to secure the gasket during installation.

Threaded connections use precision-cut threads that are more accurate than those on conventional devices. However, this installation method is less commonly used for high-pressure globe valves.

Direct welding is a relatively common method for high-pressure globe valves. It involves melting the two metal ends to be joined, and when the temperature cools down, these metal parts will be bonded together. This installation method ensures a strong connection between the high-pressure globe valve ends and the pipeline, capable of withstanding high pressure and high temperatures. However, it is essential to follow proper welding techniques and ensure that the welder has sufficient skills and knowledge.

High-pressure globe valve with flange connection
High-pressure globe valve with flange connection

High-pressure globe valves with Diverse varieties

The high-pressure globe valve is a product line specifically designed for use in certain industrial systems, which often have strict requirements. To meet these requirements, the equipment is manufactured in various types to accommodate all system needs.

Valve classification can be based on different aspects, such as:

– Operational mode: Manual operation, electric actuation, or pneumatic actuation.
– Installation method: Threaded, flanged, or directly welded to pipelines.
– Pressure rating, etc.

To find the most suitable products, customers need to understand the working parameters and characteristics of their systems. It’s important to communicate these details to suppliers and consulting teams who can recommend appropriate products.

Diverse Varieties of High-pressure Globe valves
Diverse Varieties of High-pressure Globe valves

Applications of High-pressure globe valves

High-pressure globe valves are used to control the flow of fluids in specific pipeline positions, particularly in applications that require stable and continuous operation under high pressure and, in many cases, high temperature.

Based on these characteristics, these products are well-suited for industrial pipeline systems.

Here are some specific applications of high-pressure globe valves:

  • They are applied in offshore oil drilling platforms, oil distribution pipelines, oil refineries, etc. For national oil transmission pipelines, which can have high viscosity, sufficient pressure is necessary to transport oil to the required locations.
  • They are used in power plants, especially thermal power plants where water is heated to high temperatures and pressures to generate sufficient power for turbine rotation.
  • They are utilized in high-pressure water pipelines, similar to oil transmission pipelines. In the case of water pipelines extending for tens of kilometers, significant pressure is required to reach the consumption points.
Applications of High-pressure Globe valves
Applications of High-pressure Globe valves

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